Bespoke workshops: bring people together to practise mindfulness with art

In-person or online, our sessions typically include: 

  • mindful meditation to prepare for looking
  •  guided observation of an artwork
  •  opportunity to reflect and share experiences
  •  some art historical context

Where suitable we offer additional invitations to respond to an artwork through for instance journaling or drawing.

Museums and wellbeing 

  • Our practices  invite people to pay close attention, savour and appreciate, and connect with others – and so support the Five Ways to Wellbeing developed by the New Economics Foundation.
  • Working with individuals, staff teams  or community groups, we aim to be  trauma-sensitive and neurodiversity-affirming.
  • Our in-gallery workshops promote a supportive, welcoming space for wellbeing and might include:
    • Mindful walking in the museum
    • Awareness of the architectural and sensory environment
    • Out-of-hours or quiet spaces 
Photograph: Maria-Alejandra Huicho

For a comfortable listening experience in busier galleries, we  provide the option of a portable wireless communication system to transmit our live guidance to up to 24 participants.   

Participants at our events have told us they enjoyed:

Mindful looking – a new experience for me … really relaxing and made me feel a much deeper connection to the object and space.”
Learning how to slow down and really give objects my full attention.”
A new way of interacting with art. It gave me confidence to find artistic interpretation in my experiences.
“Calm voices of instructors that make me feel relaxed in the museum.
“The opportunity to pay more attention to myself and the artwork … to think more deeply about their communication and my response to this.


Limina Collective has developed successful collaborations with partners, including:

  • The National Gallery 
  • Dulwich Picture Gallery
  • Pallant House Gallery
  • Royal Academy of Arts
  • The Wallace Collection
  • The Royal Collection – view this livecast workshop: