Audio, video and trails: tailor-made resources for your museum or community 

Our specialist recordings offer a personal, immersive experience. Karly and Lucia work collaboratively to research, write and voice our recordings, ensuring we bring our combined experience to each product. 

Audio files 🎧

Listening to mindful guidance while looking at an artwork can help viewers hold attention, become aware of details not previously noticed, and come into a nourishing space of quiet contemplation.  Our commissions include: 

  • Manchester Art Gallery:  listen to an in-gallery audio   
  • The Royal Collection: multi-media exhibition guide
  • Bloomberg Connects: In-App audio
  • VitalArts : in-hospital audio via QR code

Short videos 📹

Combining image and spoken guidance, our videos take viewers into deep connection with one artwork or theme. Our commissions include: 

  • Royal Academy – view our ‘Slow Look’ videos
  • Manchester Art Gallery
  • The Wallace Collection
  • The British Library
  • The National Gallery (view this video)

Some viewer comments on this video: 
“What a lovely way to invite a new response to this painting”
” What an exceptional exercise. Thank you! The eyes see different with the mindfulness approach.”
” This is great work on how to create new narratives and interpretations”
“Thank you for the kind words!”
“Loved the exercise.”

Gallery trails 🎒

To nurture a mindful experience for gallery visitors, we collaborate with museums to create digital and printed trails. Our enhanced self-guided trails may also offer embedded audio recordings. 

Our commissions include:

  • The British Library
  • Manchester Art Gallery
Photograph: Maria-Alejandra Huicho