For Individuals

We love keeping in touch with our growing community of individual and group participants.
We offer independent tours, workshops and slow looking meet-ups. 

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Photograph: Maria-Alejandra Huicho

Messages from individuals attending our workshops

A thoroughly wonderful experience of mindfulness and art combined. Thank you for this new way of looking at art.’

A very calming experience. Thanks for helping me to ground myself today’

‘Thank you Limina Collective for a beautiful weekend of mindful exploration – it was challenging, exciting and very enjoyable’ 

‘This was wonderful, inspiring and so memorable.’

Participants at our events have told us they enjoyed:

Photograph: Maria-Alejandra Huicho

Mindful looking – a new experience for me … really relaxing and made me feel a much deeper connection to the object and space.’

Learning how to slow down and really give objects my full attention.’

A new way of interacting with art. It gave me confidence to find artistic interpretation in my experiences.’

‘Calm voices of instructors that make me feel relaxed in the museum.’

‘How expressive drawing actually helped me overcome my anxiety and perfectionism. Sometimes it is good just to be able to express oneself with no aim and pressure.’

‘The mix of meditation, mindfulness and practice.’

‘The meditation exercise – such a lovely calming voice.’

‘The opportunity to pay more attention to myself and the artwork … to think more deeply about their communication and my response to this.’

‘Guided approach to looking at art and the focus on going with what feels right for you.’