Workshop in Pallant House

Here is what some people said after our 9 June workshop.

‘A very enjoyable and well-thought-out session. Thank you.’

‘A thoroughly wonderful experience into mindfulness and art combined. Thank you for this new way of looking at art.’

‘It slowed me down. It reminded me of not being judgemental and it opened up new ways of looking at artwork in and out of galleries.’

‘It encouraged me to take more time when looking at art works.’

‘It showed me how to ‘absorb’ the art by giving it time. Not to hurry, or be overwhelmed by trying to absorb too many pieces at once. To concentrate on one or two pieces.’

We will be back at Pallant House on Saturday 28 September for another workshop. It is called The Mindful Body: Art and Mindfulness Mini-retreat. Booking via the museum’s webpage.