Self Care Saturday: Art at The Conduit: An Introduction to Mindful Drawing

The Conduit 6 Langley Street, London

Led by Karly Allen from Limina Collective, this introductory workshop invites you to take a closer look at the art around you, creating a space to play with drawing as a mindful practice. This cultivates a greater sense of presence, connection and creativity – encouraging you to let go of the desire to ‘get it


Craft Live: Drawing and Mindfulness

Karly Allen facilities this online session bringing together mindfulness and art. Ease into this online session with a short guided meditation. This helps settling the mind and coming into the present moment. You’ll be introduced to looking closely at one artwork from our collection through guided drawing prompts. Drawing with mindfulness invites us to be


Pause Look Relax & Draw

Pause Look Relax more deeply… with mindful drawing exercises ‘Pause Look Relax & Draw’ brings together mindful drawing and meditation, with a gallery artwork as our focus. We’ll explore drawing as a tool for looking closely at art, to deepen your connection with the artwork and with your responses to it. The practice of drawing

Slow Art Day: Pause Look Relax

Pause Look Relax by Limina Collective What if you took a 30-minute break to engage deeply with art? Join us for a live guided online session of slow looking at one artwork. Pause Look Relax invites you to take a meaningful pause in your day, refresh the senses and engage with art – leaving you


Slow Art: Pause Look Relax & Write

Pause Look Relax & Write by Limina Collective Pause Look Relax & Write invites you to start the day mindfully through engaging with an artwork In this 60-minute session we slowly look at an artwork selected from a world-class museum collection. We then explore our responses through some writing prompts. Our theme this month is

£10 – £15

Sketchbook Saturday: Mindful Pauses

Karly Allen facilitates this online event for The National Gallery Sketchbook Saturdays are morning-long creative sessions with the aim of exploring the various ways in which artists have approached their own image making. Suitable for beginners, as well as those wanting to improve their current skills, each month we explore a particular theme or subject

£12 – £25

Wallace Collection Creativity and Wellbeing Week 2022 A Mindful Look at Dutch Landscapes

Tuesday 17 May: Looking with Mindfulness In this workshop we’ll use a Dutch landscape for a number of different approaches to mindful looking. The workshop starts with a short guided mindful meditation. This is followed by trying various ways of mindfully engaging with one painting: through colour, light and narrative. Led by Lucia van der Drift.  Includes


Wallace Collection Creativity and Wellbeing Week 2022 A Mindful Look at Dutch Landscapes

Wednesday 18 May: Mindfulness and Drawing Bring together mindful looking and drawing, for an experience of deep engagement with one painting. Taking a Dutch landscape as our focus, we’ll make drawings as a way of observing closely, feeling more connected and coming into the present moment sensations of looking. No previous experience of drawing necessary.

Drawing and Mindfulness; Sculpture and Space: weekend workshop at The British Library

British Library 96 Euston Road, London

Practice mindfulness while appreciating the beauty of sculptures Read the course outline (PDF) Through close-looking, drawing and contemplation, this two-day course invites you to take time for yourself and engage deeply with sculpture. From Barbara Hepworth to Antony Gormley, our collection is displayed across the architectural spaces of the Library and piazza. Led by lecturer

£157 – £185