TATE Modern is planning “slow looking” sessions for an exhibition of paintings by an artist curators believe is best enjoyed if visitors take their time” from an article in The Guardian.

“Much like mindfulness, art invites you to step into the present moment, unplug from your everyday concerns, and focus deeply on the object in front of you. Engaging mindfully with art can help you experience and appreciate it more fully. It might also help you gain some of the broader benefits of mindfulness.” from  Art as Meditation: a Lesson in Mindfulness, on the Rubin Museum of Art website.

Mindful Drawing at The National Gallery, London
“Learn how to draw the body, taking inspiration from diverse life models and paintings spanning five centuries. Over five sessions, mindfulness expert and artist Clare Barton-Harvey will help hone your drawing skills, offer playful ways to stimulate your creativity, and guide you in basic mindfulness practice.”

The Mindful Museum, Manchester Art Gallery
“For the past four years we have been developing mindfulness across our learning programmes and with different audiences, we have explored just how this valuable skill can be employed in the appreciation of art. In this way, we have helped people to engage more fully with our permanent collection as well as with our special exhibitions.”

“A new way to take a bit of time out for yourself and enjoy experiencing art mindfully” Still Looking: Mindfulness and art in the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

The art of contemplation: mindfulness in galleries
“Mindfulness techniques can aid an authentic encounter with an artwork especially those of the Abstract Expressionists, suggests Gill Crabbe, artist, writer, editor and sub-editor of RA magazine.”

“With positive emotions being, shall we say, thin on the ground these days – in public life, anyway – I was pleased to encounter this wise insight into how to generate more of them.” Oliver Burkeman in Guardian article Want a Good Time Ask a Buddhist.

Mindfulness: 25 Ways to Live in the Moment Through Art by Christophe Andre
Happiness: 25 Ways to Live Joyfully Through Art by Christophe Andre