Lucia van der Drift

Lucia van der Drift is a teacher and writer in meditation, mindfulness and Buddhism, with a keen interest in aesthetic appreciation. She holds an MA in English Literature from Leiden University. She completed the Teacher Training programme in Adapted Mindfulness-based Interventions provided by the Sussex Mindfulness Centre. Lucia has over 25 years experience training groups and individuals. She regularly leads retreats in the UK as well as internationally. Lucia has been practising mindfulness for over 25 years, and has been teaching mindfulness and meditation in different settings for over 18 years. From 2010 till 2018 she worked as a teacher at the West London Buddhist Centre (WLBC) and she continues to lead one of their weekly classes online.

In 2014 she worked closely with architects from Studio Buschow creating new premises for the WLBC, conducive for contemplation and spiritual practice. In 2005 she published a book featuring Buddhist images from the National Museum of Ethnology in Leiden. For a number of years she was a freelance writer for various magazines, focussing on art and antiques.

Lucia is an inspiring teacher, who brings a sense of joy and lightness to her work and is very skilled in interacting with people. She loves sharing her experience of mindfulness and meditative techniques with others. She often includes reflective writing practices in her teaching sessions. She is a member of Lapidus International. More information about her work in the field of meditation and mindfulness can be found on

In the past few years Lucia has led Limina workshops for The British Museum, The British Library, Pallant House Gallery, The Royal Institute of British Architects, The Wallace Collection, The Royal Academy and The Royal Collection. Lucia is excited to be part of Limina Collective and the emerging field of mindful art engagement that Limina Collective has been helping to shape since 2018.

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Lucia van der Drift, Photograph: Karly Allen