Our work

Limina Collective creates bespoke events, from short drop-in meditation sessions to day-long courses and weekend masterclasses. Below are some examples of what we offer. Please contact us to find out more.

Touch points

A series of 20-minute ‘bitesize’ talks in front of artworks. These short sessions highlight a mindfulness theme that can be explored through an artwork, inviting reflection and raising questions. Participants use the walk between talks to notice their experience of being fully present in the gallery. A half or whole day event.

Holding Space

A half-day event to fully experience one room in an  art gallery. This workshop offers a mini retreat in the city, to recharge and reconnect with the treasures of our public art collections. Take time to look at one artwork, through short guided meditations, ‘slow looking‘ exercises, and mindful drawing or writing.  A nearby break-out space offers the opportunity to reflect and consider how to take the experience into everyday life.

Treasure hunt

Start the day with a presentation in a museum conference room or lecture theatre, to introduce the overlap between mindfulness and art. Participants are then given mindfulness and slow-looking challenges to explore on a self-guided visit of the collection, followed by the invitation to gather together at the end of the day for reflection and refreshments.


Courses tailored for specific exhibitions, artworks or curatorial themes, to facilitate more enriched engagement through a variety of mindfulness and creativity approaches. These longer courses are designed to enhance and deepen visitors’ experience and appreciation of selected artworks, through visual presentations, guided meditations and playful drawing or writing exercises. Our ‘immersion’ courses offer opportunities to reflect on the cultural and artistic context of the artworks and our relationship to them. 4-8 week courses, daytime or evening.