Clare Barton Harvey

Clare Barton-Harvey is an artist, tutor and freelance teacher/trainer living in London. She has been practising mindfulness for over 26 years and has been teaching drawing and mindfulness courses and workshops for over 16 years. Clare received BA (Hons) Fine Art in 1998, and in 2003 studied drawing, to MA level, at the Royal Drawing School. In 2006-7 she trained with Breathworks mindfulness teacher training and has devised numerous workshops, courses and retreats exploring the relationship of mindfulness and drawing, creativity and the Imagination in both Buddhist and secular contexts.

She is fascinated by the relationship of art and mindfulness and how they ongoingly offer new ways of seeing, feeling and thinking which can be deeply liberating, refreshing and restorative as well as lead to deeper and more enriched creativity. Clare is co-founder of Limina Collective, teaches mindfulness, drawing and painting at the City Literary Institute (London) and works as a freelance drawing and mindfulness workshop/course leader in a variety of locations including The National Gallery, British Museum, Pallant House Gallery, The British Library and Hampton Court Palace.

Clare is a skilled and engaging communicator/workshop leader and having worked with a diverse range of people in terms of gender, nationality, age and experience, is versatile and responsive to individual need. Clare is a practising Buddhist and received full ordination in 2006. To view her artwork please visit

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