Limina Collective

A small, passionate team of mindfulness and arts experts, Limina Collective brings meditation and reflection practices to art museums and online spaces. Our events develop sustained looking and deep engagement with art, with a focus on creativity, curiosity and wellbeing.

Photograph: Maria-Alejandra Huicho

With over 50 years’ collective experience, we offer bespoke recorded content and live workshops:

  • slow looking and ‘slow art’ practices
  • short guided meditations
  • mindful drawing, writing and movement
  • art historical context and interpretation 
  • audio tours, recordings and headset delivery

Viewing art through mindfulness

Taking Time to Look a short film for The Wallace Collection by Karly Allen and Lucia van der Drift

While the benefits of looking at art are well-recognised, our fast-paced lives can leave little space for quiet reflection and meaningful connection. The average time spent with a painting is around 20 seconds – what can we do to develop our quality of attention, enhance our gallery experience and slow down? 

Photograph: Maria-Alejandra Huicho

Mindfulness and meditation practices encourage us to be more present with an artwork, and with ourselves.  

When we are invited to look closely, we explore our direct sensory experience and become aware of personal responses. We can cultivate a wider perspective and more profound relationship with art. 

Research shows that mindful interactions with art can result in a deeper aesthetic experience and heightened sense of wellbeing.
This is something we know from our own practice and regularly hear from people who attend our events. We are excited to share this work. Please contact us if you would like to hear more.

Covid-19 update 

The Limina team are developing ways to expand our offer of online workshops and digital content, focussing on artworks from collections we love. Register your interest by signing up to our mailing list.

Photograph: Maria-Alejandra Huicho