Limina Collective

Limina Collective combines practising mindfulness with looking at art. We use mindfulness principles for observation, appreciation and reflection.

This can be a transformational, enriching interaction. Your interest in an artwork and its features can help you train in mindfulness, and uplift and inspire you at the same time. The artwork can also evoke a sense of wonder, which supports the quality of curiosity that can be cultivated through mindfulness. 

The benefits of mindfulness are well researched. At its best it can reduce stress, calm the emotional brain and help to act rather than react. Even a little mindfulness can go a long way. We hear from people that a few minutes listening to one of our guided recordings can make a big difference to their day.

Photograph: Maria-Alejandra Huicho

We invite you to pay attention to an artwork in a particular way, in an approach adapted from Jon Kabat-Zinn’s definition of mindfulness:
on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally

•      Purposeful attention can help with steadying and calming the ruminating mind.

•      It allows you to clearly notice your response to the artwork, while rooted in the here and now. You learn to bring your attention back from the past or the future into the present experience of the senses: of colours, shapes, lines, formations. This may help you to come out of ruminative thoughts connected to worry or anxiety. 

•      Mindfulness can also support approaching an artwork with acceptance and openness: meeting the artwork without judgment. This often results in a deeper appreciation of the art work and a deeper relationship with it. 

‘‘This is some of the best museum content I’ve ever seen.’’

– viewer ‘s comment, on one of our online films

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Photograph: Maria-Alejandra Huicho