Limina Collective

A small, passionate team of mindfulness and arts experts, Limina Collective brings meditation and reflection practices to art museums and online spaces. Our events develop sustained looking and deep engagement with art, with a focus on curiosity, wellbeing and personal connection.

Photograph: Maria-Alejandra Huicho

With over 40 years’ collective experience, we offer bespoke recorded content and live workshops, both onsite and online:

  • guided mindful looking practices
  • short priming meditations
  • responding to art through drawing and writing
  • art historical context and interpretation 
  • mindful looking short films
  • recordings, audio tours and headset delivery

Viewing art through mindfulness

Our workshops use an artwork as the focus for mindfulness practice. We start with a short meditation to prepare for looking, followed by guided attentive looking. Our sessions end with an opportunity to share responses and engage with some art historical context.

Mindful looking can help people find their encounter with art more rewarding and discover a greater appreciation for the artwork and for their own experiences. These mindful art-viewing practices can be a strong scaffolding for developing mindfulness in everyday life.

Photograph: Maria-Alejandra Huicho

Mindfulness and meditation practices encourage us to be more present with an artwork, and with ourselves.  

Research shows that mindful interactions with art can result in a deeper aesthetic appreciation and heightened sense of wellbeing. Through purposefully directing our attention we can train our minds to become calmer and clearer, whilst the guided practices help us tune into a sense of connection and wonder.

This is something we know from our own practice and regularly hear from people who attend our events. We are excited to share this work. Please contact us if you would like to hear more.

‘A thoroughly wonderful experience of mindfulness and art combined. Thank you for this new way of looking at art’

– workshop participant

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Photograph: Maria-Alejandra Huicho